iBeacon solutions: Create meaningful connection with your customer by delivering messages straight to their phone

iBeacon is an Apple’s technology which enables the mobile apps to accept and follow the signals in the real world and act accordingly. It opens the new world of possibilities for location awareness and provides opportunity to interact between iBeaon iOS device/ iBeacon android device and iBeacon hardware. From providing information about the nearby events to welcoming people as they arrive at mall, event etc; iBeacon does everything. It is the new feather in the cap for the business owners to stand tall amongst competitors.

How this works?

Different categories of beacon like Estimote Beacon, Red Beacon etc. is to be installed at appropriate place and needs to connect it with client and server to receive and send data. This wireless device broadcast the signals to nearby smart phones or tablets and specific mobile app receives this signal and triggers location-based push alerts.

Things to know before developing iBeacon based mobile app

An ideal solution for periodic data transfer

Increase brand visibility

Boost your target audience

More footfalls and sales in brick and mortar store


  • Prominent technology to grow audience: When your customer is near to the store, it sends them notification by sending welcome messages and offers. This elite personalization attracts the audience and entices them to shop more. The process of sending and receiving notification by beacon and customer respectively helps to grow stronger customer base and engage with them in an exclusive way.
  • Show-case your product efficiently: You can refrain from the conventional method of displaying your product on the shelves. Rather you can show your customer the product video which helps them to get more information about your product. With iBeacon, it is easy to show your customers such demonstration.
  • Enables Indoor mapping facility for large stores: Today large retail store such as malls, super markets etc. have hundreds of product available under one roof. Hence, it is difficult to search some specific product. But, with beacon device, it becomes relatively easy for the consumers to get that product which they are looking for.
  • Serves as an advertising tool: Beacon helps in triggering advertising messages to the user on their smart phone, based on the past data and the product reviews. Additionally, it sends loyalty rewards and discounts as soon as user’s device come within beacon’s proximity.
  • Helps with the process of re-targeting: Suppose the customers walked-out of the store without buying anything… In such scenario, beacon will give every detail about the customer; what products did he look for? On which product he passed more time and much more. Now if the store provides him offer on the product he wished to buy, he will be able to re-connect with your brand which ultimately increases conversions.

iBeacon app development services

BLE Mobile App, is an ideal iBeacon mobile app development company which makes the use of the latest technologies to provide customized BLE powered mobile app that provide enhanced customer engagement and boost your brand visibility. Our proficient team helps to deliver highly targeted and proximity based content that can cater your requirements.

Our services include:-

  • iBeacon enterprise applications
  • Customized iBeacon mobile app
  • iBeacon app design and development service
  • Cross-platform compatibility apps

Types of app that we can build are:-

  • Payments solution
  • Indoor navigation and maps
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Providing information on location
  • Discount notification
  • Document transfer
  • In-store marketing solution
  • Indoor positioning and navigation
  • Real-time insights and analytics

Various industries that we can work upon

  • B2B
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Health
  • IT
  • Politics
  • Real-Estate
  • Sports
  • Travel

Advantages of having us as your reliable partner

  • Team of best iBeacon app developers
  • Context-driven applications
  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Industry-specific best practices
  • On-time delivery within budget
  • Confidentiality is 100% ensured
  • 24*7 technical support

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