The admiration of Internet of Things has encouraged the use of many BLE enabled devices which can be remotely controlled by Smartphones, Tablets etc. This emerging technology of Bluetooth Low Energy has changed the lifestyle of people at a great extent. IoT devices are being used in various industries these days. Whether it is monitoring your heart rate or finding your missing items, Bluetooth Low Energy devices can help you in doing these tasks in a smart manner. For example, a BLE wearable device worn on your wrist can send the information about your current blood pressure level on your Smartphone. Similarly, there are BLE powered Smart Locks which can keep your home, office, bikes etc., secure and free from any type of trespassing and burglary.

Smart Locks – How they are different?

The basic function of the lock is to provide security. A smart lock is an enhanced version of classic lock. You don’t need to carry heavy keys everywhere you go. You can operate even multiple locks using your Smartphone!!!

The Smart locks powered with Bluetooth Low Energy technology can communicate with your Smartphone to perform locking and unlocking functions. Connecting through wireless protocol and cryptographic key, the smart locks carry out authorization process seamlessly.

The data transmission between the Smart phone and the Smart lock remains secure and non-disruptive due to the cryptographic keys are used synchronizing the communication protocol.

Smart Locks – The Mechanism

A smart lock is paired with the Smart phone which controls the access to the lock. Like other BLE devices, the master device (smart phone) can provide access to the lock on a permanent or temporary basis to other users. Thus, your phone becomes the key to your smart lock.

As far as smart locks are concerned, the topmost concern of end users is – security. The smart lock manufacturers are very well aware of this and ensure the required combination of security and convenience is provided to the smart lock consumers.

All smart locks these days are manufactured with lot of precision using standard lock mechanism. It consists of two main parts – hardware and software. The hardware and software are supposed to work in sync with each other to ensure proper functionality of the smart lock.

Smart Lock – Various Applications

  • Doors Locks

Whether it’s home or your office, you keep it secured with a door lock. A smart lock provides extra security to your door when compared to a classic lock. There are many ways through which the burglars get a master key designed and break through the classic door locks easily. But, if you are using a smart lock, the only way to lock or unlock is your Smart phone. Only you can open the lock of the front door of your home/office using your Smart phone or the person to whom you have provided access to.

  • Bike Locks

The BLE enabled bike lock can ensure the safety of your bike wherever you have parked. You can unlock or lock the bike with a simple tap on your smart phone. Thus, no more panicking if you lose your bike key. Get a smart lock mounted on your bike and move places without worrying of losing your bike or its keys.

  • Drawer or Closet Locks

Do you have some important documents which you need to keep safe and confidential. Have a smart lock attached to your drawer which can be accessed only through your smart phone and ensure the safety of the confidential data.

Why should you Use Smart Locks?

  • Smart locks when integrated with home security systems can provide better security to your home. Converting a home into a smart home, these smart locks enable the owners to synchronize the security with other systems at home and thus allow them to even activate or deactivate lights using their smart phones. For example, the room lights get switched off automatically, as soon as the front door is locked using a smart phone.
  • The smart locks allow the users to access the lock and operate it from a remote location but within a specified range. For example, you can unlock your bike on pressing a button on your smart phone as you walk close to it.
  • Smart locks have the facility of providing temporary or permanent access to other users. For example, all of a sudden if your aunt is visiting your home, and you are at your office, you can provide a temporary access to the front door lock of your house to your aunt and make her feel comfortable while waiting for you to be back home.
  • Using smart locks means you get a detailed report on your smart phone about number of times in a day it was accessed and the people who accessed it throughout the day. For example, you can keep a track about how many times your household servant entered and left your home or if someone tried triggering your door lock.

The increased use of smart locks in a long run is undoubted. The unconventional designs and innovative features of smart phones are continuously challenging the limits of security and convenience. The Smart lock industry is consistently looking out for new ways to enhance the security features and progress in terms of introducing advanced smart locks.

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