Cubetape offers a comprehensive set of tools, equipment, and mobile apps to measure dimensions and weight of industrial goods in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. The Cubetape app for Android works in liaison with paired Cubetape measurement devices and RAVAS weighing devices to collect the measurements. The idea behind the app is to automate measurements to raise efficiency of workers and revenue.

Partners of Cubetape

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Test Facilities
  • Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Logistics Hubs
  • Cargo Depots

The Situation

The client carried out a survey of its customers and realized that their measurement and weighing devices, while accurate to many places of decimals, were lagging behind the trends. The devices lacked any sort of communication interface to push the reading to an external storage although they were experimenting with personal area network over Bluetooth. The personnel had to manually log those readings in a spreadsheet.

The solution

The RAVAS had a configurable BLE port while Cubetape measurement devices had standard Bluetooth interfaces. We developed an application that could draw data from both the devices each with a distinct variant of Bluetooth.


Check which Cubetape and RAVAS devices are connected

Data Capture

Reading captured by Cubetape
& RAVAS devices


Past readings in
chronological order

Share Insights to Warehouse Management System

The data gathered by Cubetape app can be fed to warehouse management system, which will store it in a database,
present it with other data gathered, and give valuable insights to personnel working there.

  • SQLite Local Database
  • Integration with WMS
  • Integration with WMS
  • Seamless Data exchange

Read Weight from a Paired
RAVAS Device

The application pairs the Android device to one RAVAS device around over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Upon pairing with a RAVAS device, the application will read the first reading by the RAVAS weighing machine.

  • 1. Auto Pairing
  • 2. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • 3. Failsafe Mechanism
  • 4. Multiple BLE Connections

Calculate Dimension from a
Cubetape Device

The application pairs the Android device to one Cubetape device around over Bluetooth. Upon pairing with a Cubetape device, the application will log dimensions of the object as reported by the Cubetape smart measuring device.

  • 1. Auto Pairing
  • 2. Smart Measuring Device
  • 3. Real-time Logging
  • 4. Manual Entries

We automate the most tedious part of warehouse management

Giant warehouses are a challenge to manage with so many goods making in and out of it. Tracking every aspect of those goods
from shipment labels and manufacturing data to their weight and dimensions, Cudetabe solves great
problem when warehouses are turning into massive fulfilment centers for ecommerce sellers.

The Cubetape Advantage

Wide Compatibility

A majority of present and upcoming RAVAS and Cubetape devices will be compatible with the Cubetape app, making it future proof. At the moment, the application is fully compatible with RAVASxxx series and Cubetape C-series devices.

Offline Functionality

The application has local SQLite database to store reading from both the devices, which it can push to a server over Wi-Fi or data connection. The application continually polls for an internet connection and pushes the data whenever it could establish a secure connection with the cloud storage.

Real-time Data Update

The app updates the dimensions and weight calculated by Cubetape and RAVAS devices respectively in real-time. So the moment you are done running the Cubetape device over the dimensions of the object and place RAVAS device to measure the weight, it is already displayed on the app.

Propriety BLE Library

We employ a private BLE library, BLE connection listener, for BLE mobile app development in Android. Build over the existing SDK, the library provides additional set of APIs to go with the mobile app development.


Export Data

There is only so much data the application can store in its local database. Pushing to server is not always an option for personnel working in warehouses and manufacturing units. The application gives them the option to export the data to .CSV format for ready reference.

History Logs

Personnel using the app can run previous reading from every paired device for comparison and reference. He can the run history from the last month, week or for the data range they are interested in. In addition, they can delete and amend a listing.

Freight ClassIT Look-up

We integrated Freight ClassIT Look-up API to give personnel working on the app suggestion on the most stocked items in a warehouse for example a piece of popular electronics. The auto-completion enabled by the API saves their time and efforts.

Multiple Devices Pairing

The application can pair the mobile device with a number of devices over different variants of Bluetooth. For example, RAVAS devices connect over BLE and Cubetape devices are connected over classic Bluetooth at the same time.

Technology Used

The team of BLE Mobile Apps developers at TOPS used Kotlin and Android SDK with a SQLite local database and CodeIgniter as backend.