Koloni share is a smart bike and Kube (kit of basketball, soccer ball, tennis rackets/balls, volleyball, ice-skates) sharing system equipped with BLE powered locks. It is integrated with ‘Linka locks’ which is operated from mobile app that provides exceptional security and great user experience. No more worries to find the location of bike and kube share as the system automatically detects and displays the bikes and kubes in the nearest available location. Additionally, Koloni Share holds “Pay as you go” facility which means pay only for the number of kms you drive.

Partners of Koloni Share




Corporate Campuses


College Campuses






State Parks

The Situation

The client being the service provider of bike and kube share wanted to facilitate people with flawless functions and security to mobilize themselves even in an unknown place. The idea was to provide shareable ecosystem and on the go facilities with bike and recreational items to enjoy vacations refraining to carry the stuff wherever you go. With that thought in mind, the client thought to create the first shareable platform, which provides a completely flexible and sustainable sharing system for partners of all sizes.

The Solution

The team of TOPS, understood the client’s requirement and developed mobile app that was extremely useful and efficient.
The app is integrated with

Additionally, the team also made sure to provide temper alert that provides the notification to the user if at all bike or kube vibrates when locked. The app also rings out for both admin and user when user goes out of the predefined range, user’s location is unavailable since hours and any new object added within the radius of the user. This provides a convenient and environmentally-friendly commute option for everyone in USA. Our experts have developed the most advanced and user friendly system in the world in both Android and iOS.

Managing Shareables with Fleet management solution

Fleet management solution enables you to manage bikes, kubes, and other shareable items. Koloni gives you, the partner, control to run your system and also helps in tracking analytics of ridership and movement of the shareable in real time.

  • Real Time Data & Insights
  • Geofenced tHub Management
  • Live GPS Device Tracking
  • User, Bike, Kube & Location Management
  • Product Troubleshooting & Security
  • Push Notifications

Integrating Bluetooth keyless locking system with flawless features

Keyless locking gives the ultimate user experience and is the best way to secure your investment. It’s attached tao the front of the bike and automatically unlocks from our app. By pressing the lock, you can secure it around one of our hubs, or simply just tying around the tire, securing it in place.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Auto Unlocking (hands free)
  • Press to Lock (making the lock safer while riding)
  • Durable
  • Tamper Alarm

Geofencing Hubs to provide seamless user-experience

With our geofencing technology we provide users the ultimate flexibility with seamless fleet management system. Our solution can create a radius around predefined locations through our backend system in which users can return their bikes at any of our partners. It is the perfect blend between a kiosk system and a rogue bike system. Here are our hub options

  • 1. Koloni Rack
  • 2. Koloni Pad
  • 3. Koloni Shelter

How we are different?

Recognizing a need to find a happy median between Kiosk and Rogue systems, Koloni has developed the first solution to market with the perfect blend of the same. We know every partner is different and that’s why we’ve created ‘Smart Systems’ to meet the needs of all our clients. Through our mobile app solution, smart bikes & racks, bluetooth locks, and geofenced hubs, we have developed the most advanced and user friendly system in the world. Whether you are looking to rent a bike, or a recreational item through our Koloni Kube, we always have the end user and our partners in mind.

The Koloni advantage

Cost-Effective price

The products and services of Koloni Share are the most competitively priced options on the market. We are often priced at 1/5th the cost of a kiosk system and we look for ways to cover upfront costs through sponsorships and other funding alternatives.

Management Software

We provide and train each customer on our unique management software. This allows each partner to track equipment, maintenance requirements, traffic patterns and much more.

Connected Shareables

Unlike bike share companies on the market, we are focused on connecting all of our shareables, not just bikes. Our vision is to install shareable ecosystems in each community that we operate.

Geofenced Hub

A Geofenced Hub is an invisible fence with a predetermined location. Each user must return their rental within a Geofence, allowing partners an affordable way to organize their fleet.


Location Tracking

Each Koloni and Kube has location tracking facility that enables the owners to track analytics. This helps them to determine optimal hub locations by sending data on server and triggers a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.


Bluetooth locking

Both Koloni Bikes and Koloni Kubes are equipped with Bluetooth locking facility. This allows the user to easily unlock our equipment with their smart-phones within seconds. No keys or combinations to remember.

BLE technology
BLE technology

High Security

As the app is PCI Compliance, it is integrated with Braintree Vault which securely stores your card details on third-party payment gateway to avoid any fraud or mishap. The information is encrypted by the Braintree gateway and associated with a unique payment method token.


Report to Admin

Koloni Share is integrated with the Report issue feature in which user can immediately report to the owner, if the bike is damaged, not working properly or any other issue. Admin also charges penalty if the bike returned is not in proper condition or rules are not followed.

Technologies Used

The team of mobile developers at TOPS Infosolutions used Swift Language, Android language and Java with Android SDK to develop the Koloni Share.