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What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing refers to wireless location based technologies to advertise directly to the customer in a specific geographical area. This form of mobile proximity marketing allows business to distribute targeted content and ultimately generate sales. To be very precise, it is interacting with your customer at right place, right time with the relevant content and personalized alerts on your smart-phones, tablets and iPad. With close proximity marketing, audience is limited (those who use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Signal) so, the message is very user-friendly and reaches to those, who mostly like to visit the store. Proximity marketing device literally provides the means to place the targeted messages in the hands of the customers.

As per the Google survey, 82 percent of shoppers are using smart-phones to make purchasing decisions. Hence, business owners must take the advantage of bluetooth proximity marketing opportunity to leverage their sales and enhance customer’s shopping experience. Retailers like Macy’s, Ikea, NordStorm and many more are using proximity marketing solution to stay competitive and increase profits

Who can employ Proximity Marketing?

Any business or the service that is having brick-and-mortar store can implement mobile proximity marketing strategy. It serves best for them because push alerts are something which can’t be overlooked easily compared to the ad on social feed which can be scrolled right away.

How does it work?

If proximity marketing is done with beacons, it needs bluetooth enabled mobile device within the range of beacon to pass information in the form of text or images. Mandatory things required are:-

  • Firstly, customer needs bluetooth enabled smart-phone at specific location (near the proximity of beacon)
  • Beacon must be installed in the area where their customers are located in order to send and receive marketing messages
  • Customers should have downloaded the relevant mobile app to receive push-alerts

Why you should invest in Proximity Marketing?

  • Proximity Marketing is the perfect approach: “Content is King. But Context is Queen and she runs the household”. Everything is funneled to create engaging customer-experience with the relevant content synced with the right context. With Proximity Marketing solution, rich user-experience is created by considering the present demographics of the customer; where they are currently and what they are doing at that time. This encourages purchase behavior and brand relationships.
  • Drives instant traffic: Close proximity marketing drives immediate conversions and ensures high traffic because the alerts which they get are considered as “hyper-relevant” when they are related to product or services. Proximity conversions help your business to connect with your potential customers immediately when they are thinking of your brand. Retailers can instantly send rewarding campaigns and can also encourage productive offers to make extra purchases. For instance: Retailer transmitting the offer of 20% off on the woodland shoes when his customer is near to the shoe aisle.
  • Your competitors are already using: Retailers like Ikea, Walmart, RITEAID, Macy’s, Target and many more are already using this solution to boost the traffic of their brick-and –mortar store. And as per the research, 71% were able to track and understand customer browsing and buying patterns. As per Unacast’s Proximity.Directory , 75% of the retailers USA are integrating proximity solutions to increase operating profit and they may improve it by nearly 9% with ROI of 175%. They have deployed sensors to interact with the physical locations and are using analytics to understand customer behavior.
  • It offers personalization: This is one of the most important key-driver to enhance shopping experience. Bluetooth proximity marketing service provides personalization by sending welcome messages and at the same time, it alerts other staff members to check out if he is a repeated customer or have visited the store for the first time. Whenever customer walks in-store, this solution makes sure that customer is treated properly; which ultimately results into the increase of the business growth.
  • Provides real-time experience and inexpensive to use: You can track and measure the result of this marketing strategy very easily. For instance: You can easily know the foot-fall of your customer after the proximity marketing was initiated. This can provide the guidance to the store retailer regarding how to work further and how to take benefit by re-targeting.
    This solution is not much expensive and retailers can use it as and when they like; hence it is considered as the most convinced solution who really want to give edge to their business.

You can rely on us: Why?

Having years of experience in developing bluetooth proximity marketing solution, we strive to create a world of bluetooth smart technology that can empower your business to create engaging user-experience. Beacon and proximity based solution we have worked on:-

  • Payment solution
  • Gathering client history and information
  • Smart interaction platform
  • Push Notification apps
  • City tour guide
  • Tracking app

We can provide you:

  • Qualified Team
  • Customized solution
  • Quality Assurance
  • Timely Delivery
  • Affordable Cost

Process that we follow

  • Client Analysis
  • Research and Brain storming
  • Wireframe development
  • Feedback
  • Support

So, interested in developing mobile proximity marketing solution? We can be your trusted partner; Connect with us today!

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