Great work comes from great ideas, efficient planning and intelligent resources - things that we are not short of. When we take on a project, we see it more than an app. We see an opportunity to make lasting relationship with the people and companies we serve. We see potential ways to overcome challenges with creative problem solving. We're defined by our work.



“Smart Measuring and Weighing Solution”

Cubetape offers a comprehensive set of tools, equipment, and mobile apps to measure dimensions and weight of industrial goods in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. The Cubetape app for Android works in liaison with paired Cubetape measurement devices and RAVAS weighing devices to collect the measurements. The idea behind the app is to automate measurements to raise efficiency of workers and revenue.

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“Efficient Processing and Storing of Weighted Weights”

Calculating weight of products in a warehouse or a manufacturing unit is among the simplest of tasks, particularly with the arrival of digital meters. An operator just has to read and note the displayed weight. However, the entire process is not very efficient for over-sized machines.

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“Simplifying the way to share bike and kube”

Koloni share is a smart bike and Kube (kit of basketball, soccer ball, tennis rackets/balls, volleyball, ice-skates) sharing system equipped with BLE powered locks. It is integrated with ‘Linka locks’ which is operated from mobile app that provides exceptional security and great user experience. No more worries to find the location of bike and kube share as the system automatically detects and displays the bikes and kubes in the nearest available location. Additionally, Koloni Share holds “Pay as you go” facility which means pay only for the number of kms you drive.

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“Locates Anything Using Android Phone”

Scared with the idea of losing your keys, wallet or mobile phone? Spottrz is an Android Application which frees you from all the worries about misplacing or losing your valuable things. It is a wonderful Android application which can work with Bluetooth tracking devices introduced by any manufacturer.

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“The Most Convenient Way to Find your Missing Items”

Lost your precious items like keys, wallet, phone or anything useful which can disturb your routine? We have a solution. Attach, hook or clip your valuable items with a tile shaped Bluetooth tracking device easily available in the market and just with the simple touch on your smartphone, you can find your missing items easily.

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“Convenient and Smart Way to Secure your Bike”

Bikelok is an Android / iOS application which can lock or unlock Bluetooth bike lock device located within a specified range of 12 meters. No more worrying about losing keys or searching them in your pocket or purse. Just walk up to your bike to unlock the bike lock and walk away from the bike to get it locked again. You can also lock or unlock your bike with a simple press of a button using Bikelok application on your smart phone.

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