With the growth of shopping apps and beacon technology, companies are looking for new ways to attract new audiences and retain the existing customers. Beacons are small devices that transmit signals repeatedly and collect customer data. Beacon technology triggers and delivers proximity campaigns to the users’ mobile devices that allow the business owners to collect information about consumer behavior and generate engagement between the customers and businesses. Beacon technology has come a long way in making shopping a more personalized experience for the users. Beacon Technology creates a connection between the retailers and shoppers. 

Imagine you walk into a store and receive a text message on your smartphone informing you about the promotional offers and discounts at the store. It’s no doubt that much more can be done with this modern technology. Beacon technology is considered to be a less expensive option and hence, small establishments can also adopt it and enjoy the endless benefits. 

How Beacon Technology Impacts Different Industries?


With the growth of shopping apps and beacon technology, retail and in-store marketing have been becoming a popular technique for retailers. As beacons are focused on customer location, retailers can send personalized and relevant notifications at the right time to grab the attention of potential customers. For instance, welcoming a new customer via push notifications to your store when they walk into a mall can increase the walk-ins and help retail businesses gain more profits. 

Beacon technology in retail allows businesses gather valuable insights about their customers. Beacon technology allows mobile applications to listen for signals from beacon devices using the Bluetooth technology. Retail beacons are used to capture data such as what customers buy, how much time they spend at your store, and what kind of items they purchase.  Businesses can gather the data to plan the right marketing strategies and make better in-store adjustments to offer a great shopping experience to the users. 

Creating a mobile-first loyalty program can improve the customer’s shopping experience. To retain the customers, retailers are adopting loyalty programs that reward their consumers for the activities done in the store. In short, beacon technology revolutionizes the way retailers sell their products online and offline. It is a smart way to catch the attention of the customers, and improve their interactions with your products and services. 

Apart from monitoring the customer trends, beacon technology can also help retail business owners track the activities of the employees in and around the store. It becomes easy for the managers and business owners to know when their employees come in and at what time they leave the store. They can also track the time spent by the staff members at the retail store. Beacons can also be used to send alerts to the employees when there’s a task to be handled. Even if you want a few products to be restocked, beacon technology can be helpful. 


Healthcare sector widely uses beacon technology to keep a track of physical activities and monitor various parameters related to personal health and fitness. Mobile health has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Beacons can collect real-time data and provide insights to evaluate wellness. Location-based technologies are becoming a popular trend for the healthcare industry. Beacons can customize the health content according to patients’ health information or healthcare service provider’s preferences. 

Beacon technology can help hospitals and clinics streamline their operations. This modern technology can automate the internal processes at clinics and healthcare centers. Hospital staff can get notified about any emergencies and other duties. 


Beacon technology comes with hyper-local capabilities for offering an immersive experience to the travelers and service providers in the tourism industry. Wearables and beacon devices can provide easier airport navigation, virtual city tour, new city discovery, and a lot easier for the travelers. As beacons can source the customer data and activities in real-time, it offers several opportunities to target users with personalized experiences to contribute towards business success. For instance, restaurants, hotels and food joints can use beacon technology to book the unbooked appointments by sending notifications to the customers located in the vicinity. Sending alerts on their mobile phones can attract a larger audience and help the business reach new heights. 

Tourism companies and destinations can use IoT technology to send location-specific information to the users to enhance tourist experiences. One can send relevant messages to the tourists to make the travel discovery easier for them. Tourists can also be alerted about the information on the history or culture of the place they’re visiting, weather updates, and other related notifications to reduce the potential feelings of alienation. 

Beacons deliver wholesome travel experiences by integrating functional and fun elements to the travel and tourism industry. Most of the small and large companies have started realizing the power of iBeacon technology and they have already been harnessing this modern technology to enhance the travel experience of the users. 


Beacon solutions can be used by schools and educational institutes to provide advanced learning zones to the students. Staff and students can navigate the campus using interactive maps without any guide. The students and their parents can experience the campus without visiting the school or university. Beacons can be used to provide customized content to the students to improve their learning and development. Schools, colleges, and universities can implement a beacon-enabled scheduling system to enhance the communication between teachers and students. 

Teachers can take the attendance by allowing the students to automatically check-in at the events.  Gone are the days when the students used to find the lectures boring. Schools and colleges all over the world are focusing on making the learning interactive and fun for the students and teachers. Beacons enhance the learning experience for the students. 

Beacons can prove to be an excellent way to manage the books in libraries by providing easy access to the students. Beacons help the students to find relevant books they are searching for. They can get notified about the availability of the books at the library, books renewal reminders, and other useful information. 

Most universities host a number of events and they look for innovative and unique ways to make the students aware of the programs and activities. Beacons can be used to send push notifications to the students for announcements and upcoming activities during the event so that they don’t miss out on anything. 


Several real estate giants use iBeacon technology to showcase their properties, interact with the potential buyers, and automate the buying process. Whether the real estate agencies want to attract a large footfall to an open house or wish to offer a 360-degree view of how the property looks, beacon technology offers tremendous opportunities to attract prospective buyers. It offers a chance to the real estate agents to connect with the users and make more sales. 

Beacons can be positioned at the entrance of the property to prompt the visitor to register via app. It is important to impress your targeted users when he/she takes a tour of your property. You can also send informational brochures and welcome messages to the prospective clients. Guided property tours can also be provided to the users who may be interested in buying your properties. 


Advertisers often struggle to make the ads reach the right targeted audience. They look for new ways to ensure that the ads reach customers in a personalized way. That’s where location-based beacons come into the picture. Businesses can promote the latest offers and festival discounts to encourage the customers to take action. Creating a sense of urgency will improve the conversion rate. 

Beacon technology offers brands different opportunities to target customers and increase their sales. iBeacon digital signage solutions deliver long-term success to small and large businesses. In-store beacons enhance customer experience and increase foot traffic at your storefront. 

Wrap Up 

As beacons continue to make waves in various sectors, it’s high time you embrace this modern technology and create an enriching experience for your users. Hop onto the iBeacon app development solutions and revolutionize your business today! 

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