Today with varied digital solutions, the way that companies handle customer service has changed dramatically in recent years. A way back before two decades, there were only 2 ways to connect with a company – by phone or by fax. But today, you can connect with phone, email, live chat, SMS, social media and the list is endless. So, with such advancements the core challenge of the company is to deliver consistent and an integrated service quality along with the accessibility on all channels. A consistent service quality across multiple channels will significantly impact company revenue.

Omni-channel marketing is the solution that every retailer looks to integrate for driving the best user-engagement and great customer experience. It is just not about how marketers engage with the customers, but it’s all about how customers really behave and how marketers can offer the solutions they want. This solution being already set in retail provides cut-throat competition but to succeed in the market retailers must move towards smarter omni-channel solution. Although retailers makes the use of Omni-channel marketing, they are striving to make in-store experiences more engaging and hence beacon comes into the scenario that helps in converting potential shoppers to the buyers.

It’s no surprise that beacon has something interesting to offer.

How to go Omni channel with the use of beacon?

  • Beacon enabled store helps to connect with the customers providing them with better in-store shopping experience
  • Offers personalization by pushing contextually relevant suggestion notification to the customers based on their shopping history
  • Tracks the loyal customers and offers them discounts and coupons on the customer’s devices
  • Beacons can notify the retailers with their customer’s shopping interests and help the sales associates to deal with them as per their preferences.

Let’s get in more detail on how beacons are boon for Omni-channel marketing:

  • Offers seamless customer experience: The customer experience is all about managing the brand’s perception across various touch points; used well, beacons can fill the gap between online and offline activity in the physical retail spaces. Imagine the customer’s journey from the time they check put your products till they shop. It all starts with the customer browsing the product via smart device, fetching the direction of the nearest physical store. As the customer locates the physical store, brand pushes the notification of the latest offers and discounts; customer also uses the associated mobile app to check product information and prices. The customer then decides to buy the product and proceeds to check out using mobile payment app. The customer walks out the store with the purchase – fully satisfied and informed about his buying choice, pleased about cost-savings, and looking forward to shopping in the store again, especially since the experience was so convenient and hassle-free.
  • Data analytics: Data analytics always proves to be differentiators for the retail business as it provides valuable insights related to the preferences of the customers. With beacons, big data effectively curates and helps to leverage this data for marketing efforts and customer retention. Collective traffic patterns around the store generate heat maps helping the retailer to ensure correct stocking of appropriate goods in sync with customer preferences and predicted actions. Data captured also provides insights on peak periods, customer behavior during vacation season, impact on weather, other factors of shopping pattern and much more. The customer trend analytics helps the retail business to leverage promotional events, product launches and exhibitions which can potentially increase customer interests driving them to the stores. To be precise, beacons are instrumental in generating actionable insights for omni-channel marketing strategies.
  • Build customer loyalty: Suppose the customer visit the eatery store like he always does; but, after few days, he visits the different eatery store of the same chain. That eatery store welcomes the customer immediately as a known customer and offers a special welcome offer. With beacons, the information is updated continuously about the customer behaviors and visit patterns across the associated rather than specific location. Capturing details like sensing across the stores, web visits, announcing offers and much more can be easily done with beacons. Omni-channel marketing builds consistent store experience and takes loyalty programs to completely new heights with the tight integration of beacon into retail marketing.

To be precise,

Beacon app solution revolutionize the way of omni-channel marketing in multiple ways

  • Provides multi channel multi device experiences
  • Captures data and generate insights
  • Sends push notifications as per to user preferences
  • Provides personalization

Beacons enable the retailers to provide the best shopping experience to their customers and enhances user experience. BLE Mobile Apps is one of the Bluetooth mobile apps development company serving clientele all over the globe to provide rich and engaging customer experience. Having years of experience in developing BLE project, we strive to fetch precise data, delivering jaw-breaking customer experiences, generating higher ROI.

Connect with us today to develop beacon-based mobile app for Omni-channel marketing using beacons.

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