Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology is turning heads and finding more application areas in recent times. BLE technology is also being used in some unfamiliar applications. It is sure to make a difference in the world very soon.

10 Applications of Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE Technology

  • BLE technology in Medicine

Blood glucose or pressure monitor could report its status over Bluetooth LE. Automated emergency calls can help urgent cases, and it’s sufficient to dial 9-1-1. IoT technology will perform the rest like finding your location, pinging Bluetooth beacon signals near you, finding room number, floor number, and address. Plus, it can automatically transmit that information to your first responders.

  • BLE technology in Retail

Allows consumers and retailers to communicate with each other quickly and easily. Beacons track the route of people inside a shop, gather customer data, and help to offer a personalized experience. Media such as ads, coupons, and additional product information can be pushed through beacons. Tech giant Google thinks that beacons can do so much for users, brands, and marketers. To deliver this potential, they’ve built the Eddystone beacon app.

  • BLE technology for location tracking

Passengers in an airport can use BLE apps to find personalized directions within the airport. It can also show them the way to restaurants, services, and baggage carousels. In a museum, iBeacons help visitors to lead themselves around the exhibits and get additional information as they walk around the exhibits on their phones.

  • BLE technology for Communicators

It helps users to take calls by doing the flip action and serve as wireless speakers when linked to music streaming devices. Depending upon the mobile platform, it is available for both BLE iOS and BLE Android.

  • BLE technology for tracking pets

Tracking your pet’s location and even its behavior. Specific applications like PitPatPet use Bluetooth technology to track the dog’s activity and fitness.

  • BLE technology in Agriculture

Also, beacons could collect and analyze data such as environmental and sub-tidal water temperature, chlorophyll values, and more. Combined with satellite imaging data and properly analyzed, this could bring about efficient and sustainable food production.

  • BLE technology for Smart Kitchen

Culinary space has many quirky but useful inventions that use BLE technology. The smart fork helps to monitor and track the eating habits to support weight loss. A smart frying pan is a gadget that checks the temperature inside your food and lets you know when it’s done without needing to stick a fork in it.

  • Smart Tags

Smart tags are a type of Bluetooth LE gadget that shows the technology’s potential. The most interesting example of smart tags is Tile. You can attach this small tag to anything you like, and it’ll communicate with your phone over Bluetooth LE, allowing your phone to keep track of its location.

  • BLE technology for sports

Augmented reality glasses featuring a tiny heads-up display and smart wearable that show cyclists critical data during training are examples. It helps athletes improve their performance theoretically and improve results.

  • Home Automation Systems

Reminders if some devices (like stoves or ovens) are turned off, Remote control (360-camera), Smart Locks, Sensors (water, fire, motion, light). It can be controlled and operated by Bluetooth smart ready gadgets that can receive and transmit Bluetooth signals.

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Of course, these are only a minimum list of the endless possibilities the Bluetooth low energy technology can offer. Any situation is a possible test ground in which this technology could be applied. Reach to us for Bluetooth low energy app development services.

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