Beacons, thanks to proximity marketing, have revolutionized the way we interact with physical locations be it retail outlet near you or property you have put on sale. If you’re a real estate agency looking for new ways and touch points to engage with your customers and acquire new ones, then beacons will pique your interest.

Beacons and Proximity Marketing

Beacons are little devices that broadcast coded BLE signals at a regular interval. The signals contain encoded messages that an authorized mobile app can read to trigger an action. Beacons can be installed at business locations to run proximity marketing campaigns. Beacons have 70-80m range and any mobile device in this range can become a part of the campaign.

Beacons and Proximity Marketing

If you set a beacon inside a business establishment for example a real estate agency, it can broadcast messages which the application can read to trigger actions such as displaying information about properties on sale or a recent price drop on a major property. Such instances of proximity marketing strengthen your position in the real estate marketplace.

There are many ways proximity marketing can strengthen your market position, bring you more customers and inflate incoming incentives. Let’s see how it can help you acquire new customers.

  • Real Estate, Customer Acquisition and Beacons

As a real estate agency, you receive all sorts of walk-ins every day. People who are actively looking to buy a property and want a deal right away—your agency or any other. Then there are sceptics who have the money but not the right mindset. Then there are buyers who looking for properties to invest in the coming years. Also, there are people who visited one of your properties on sale and want to learn more. Moreover, there are people seeking finance. Lastly, people who walked inside while passing by.

In a business where leads are hard to come by, you cannot ignore any of them, including that random guy who walked into your agency and did not know why he entered in the first place. Luckily, beacons make your job a hell lot easier as an estate agent in converting those prospects.

Placing beacons at the estate office will help the walkins get information about the properties on sale a lot easier. If your agents are busy with some promising clients, those casual walkins will get the information they need in the least time without drawing too much attention. Beacons can attend any number of customers seeking information about the property.

  • Beacons can Improve Discovery

Not all customers walk to an estate office to find fresh properties to investment in, some discover a property on sale in the neighborhood and find the details of the estate agent on the sale sign. With beacon-based proximity marketing, you can turn the sale sign into an interactive dashboard about the property. The beacon broadcasting details about the property can trigger an app action; which will make the app fetch key property details from a cloud location.

Beacons can Improve discovery

In addition, a person passing by one of your properties on sale will get an app notification on his smartphone from a beacon installed outside the property. The person can click the notification to learn more and show their interest. You can target those interested people with remarketing.

  • Augmenting Property Experience with Beacons

If a person shows interest in buying one of your properties on sale, he might also be interested taking a property tour without trespassing. Many estate agents nowadays are building virtual tours of their properties on sale, these tours are known to improve customers’ buying experience. However, only few customers are aware that such tours are available for a property they are interested in. Beacons can push a link to the virtual tour when a person is in proximity of the property.

virtual tour

As an estate agent maintaining a property is a headache and every time an interested buyer visits; the upkeep bills only keep rising. The virtual tour will show the property in the most ideal situation, without intimidating the customers with the actual state of an unoccupied, for-sale property.

  • Running Remarketing Campaigns

A person seeking a property won’t settle unless he buys it—it could be you or any other estate agent. All those people who showed interested in your proximity marketing campaign by interacting with a beacon-enabled app are your potential customers. And thanks to beacons and BLE mobile apps, they are easier to track and target with online advertisement. Of course, you can run remarketing campaigns on a subset of them. If they are interested, remarketing will only keep coming back to you.

  • Pop-up Call to Actions

Pop-up call to actions

Skeptic buyers may not dial the number on a sale board to show interest; but she might call the number if it pops on his mobile screen. By installing a beacon on sale signs, you can make interested buyers calling you one step easier. You can also design interactive call to actions to persuade buyers to contact you and show their interest since sale signs remain the same.

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