Today’s world is thriving on technologies that adopt IoT concepts and thus making it easier than ever to connect with other people and things, despite being anywhere. Distinctively, the IoT and its technology boom have thrust BLE technology and BLE enabled devices into the market. BLE enabled devices are those devices controlled from your smartphone or tablet remotely. Just a Bluetooth connection would suffice at meager efforts.

The usage of BLE technology and devices are manifold. They find their purpose in creating unconventional and innovative healthcare devices, safety devices, education, BLE beacons, entertainment, sports and fitness, and many more. They are even deployed to find a missing item or find a location, operate specific machinery, etc.

In this article, let’s take a look at Bluetooth bike locks that function on BLE technology.

About Bluetooth Bike Lock

The components of a smart bike locker include the bicycle, bike lock app, and cloud system. The process is simple. Generally, the users open the bike lock app and scan the code to unlock the bike. On scanning, the mobile bike lock app identifies the lock number. Then it sends the number to the cloud server to unlock the bike lock.

The smart bike lock, bike security system, and the Bluetooth mobile locking technology are essential aspects of the bike-sharing concept. Currently, the Internet of things (IoT) technology has more ground on the shared bikes segment.

Working of BLE technology in Bike locks

When it comes to solving the network linking of low power consumption, long-distance transmission, and low bandwidth, among a vast number of things, Bluetooth comes into the picture. Also, the way it works is simple that the users can establish communication between the mobile phone’s Bluetooth module and the smart lock Bluetooth module of the bicycle. Then the Bluetooth module can send the message to the server-side. The unlock instruction is sent by the background management system to the smart bike lock app installed on the user’s mobile phone. Once the instructions are received from the background management system, it unlocks the shared bicycle through the Bluetooth module of the mobile phone.

Additionally, the Bluetooth chip can also share real-time location-based information of the bike by sharing the mobile phone’s GPS positioning. So, you would know where the bike is currently. The BLE technology ensures smooth communication between the smart lock and the user’s mobile device. The mobile apps are developed to suit Android and iOS users – Bluetooth low energy android and Bluetooth low energy iOS. The smart lock is secure and disruption-free because of the cryptographic keys used in the communication.

Features of Bluetooth Bike Lock

Bluetooth bike locks have varied features, and it can be customized as per the user’s preference. Some of the standard features include

  • Efficient and stable Lock opening mechanism with a lock opening rate at 99% with a single key maximum within 3 seconds in collaboration with the Bluetooth smart mobile app.
  • Supports interaction with electronic fence data via Bluetooth technology
  • Active built-in solar panel charging is sufficient and does not require any external power supply
  • Support wireless upgrade of mobile phones and hence offers improved performance and adjusts to related parameters
  • Waterproofing and anti-theft system makes it more safe and reliable
  • Installation is simple, quick, and convenient, and hence no unique customization for the vehicle is required.

Benefits of Bluetooth Bike locks

When compared to traditional locks, smart locks have their apparent differences and advancements. Here are a few of the advantages of smart locks over traditional ones.

  • It is undoubtedly very secure than traditional locks as they function on the BLE technology that makes use of cryptographic keys for unlocking the lock.
  • Increased physical strength and durability of the product
  • Many Modes of Access through Bluetooth app, passcode, or a mechanical key.
  • Quick, easy and convenient ways of access
  • Battery life notification will be received on the user’s mobile so that you can change the battery before it dies out
  • In case your battery dies out, automatic backup makes sure that no data is lost
  • Remote Management is possible through bike remote control app from your location
  • Can share time access to your visitors so that it saves you from having to remember revoking the access once the user’s time is completed
  • Real-time monitoring from your smartphone helps you to access a whole lot of your past lock/unlock history records as well as the share/revoke history.

Bottom Line

Thus, it is apt to say that smart locks are a much better and suitable option than traditional locks. Moreover, Geo-fencing and iBeacons can be set for bike location detection. Thus, you can generate several data reports; casing damaged bikes, distribution, coverage, maintenance, deposit and refund, and personnel management.

You can discuss more how you can customize your bike locks system with the features you require in detail with our experts.

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