The wearable apps technology has made its appearance more common as days fall by, on our wrists and arms. They are providing us with information that is drastically improving the way we live. Let’s say that you are not pretty comfortable carrying around smart wearable devices as a further advancement. How about your everyday clothing could offer all that necessary data? Yes, smart clothing or E-textiles comprises of fabrics that have embedded digital components and electronics. Smart clothing is a wide-ranging terminology, and several experts believe that is the future of wearable technology. So, let us see more about its usage and benefits.

Smart Clothing in Fitness and Health Care

It is forecasted that most fitness trackers’ features will be accessible on smart garments in the future. One of the most significant benefits in the garments segment is that it gives a wide area of the body to be monitored, which sequentially gives accurate and better-off biometric data than wrist devices. Now tracking beyond motion and heart rate to even respiration rate can be made possible. Some of the uses are as follows:

  • Outfits designed with breathing rate sensors that display how your lungs are functioning
  • Clothes that improve the fitness level and provide awareness on rest duration before working out again.
  • Smart shirts and tops use EKG heart rate monitoring technology, and a smart dress on your lower body with motion sensors can track the body part, which makes most of the movement when you run.
  • A smart garment like socks designed for babies fit smoothly and tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • A Superflex suit housed by motors in hexagonal pods adds muscle power. It hence can aid the elderly and differently-abled people to walk, sit, stand up, stay upright without many physical limitations all in the near future.

Smart Clothing for easy Shopping

Intelligent leggings can measure the wearer’s shape in seconds and find the best suitable pair of jeans according to your body shape for better fitting. This data is then fed to your smart device, and the matching jeans varieties show up for you to select. It saves much shopping time and from returns.

Smart Clothing in Military and Defense

The UK based Intelligent Textiles has developed an e-jacket that minimizes the weight carried by foot soldiers. Generally, they carry around 60 AA batteries for equipment charging, and it saves the number of batteries they carry. Moreover, the wires and cables they carry have the risk of getting caught on branches and door handles while on a mission.

Intelligent Textiles reduce this risk by having a fabric wiring system that shells the soldier’s vest, backpack, and helmet. It also offers electromagnetic screening to stay hidden from enemy troops, track soldiers’ position and status in action, determine the bullet shot impact on the soldier, and communicate to the base through a radio message.

Smart Clothing in Electricity

South Korean team of researchers have developed an electricity generating smart fabric that can power wearable devices. It has a triboelectric nanogenerator that uses static electricity as an energy source. The friction that occurs between silver covered textile layers, and the organic polymer layer generates electricity. This device can power LCD, LED, and low power devices like sensors.

Smart Jewelry

Jewelry has broadened the scope of wearable devices app development technology notably. Having to wear a stylish piece of jewelry that renders health benefits is attracting a lot of users. Some of the essential features and players of smart jewelry are what we are going to see now.

Ringly – offers quick and easy notifications.

Ringly, being the pioneer of smart jewelry, has developed a cocktail ring that can provide alerts about the various activities on your phone. It includes phone calls to reminder schedules. There are four vibration patterns and displays five colors synced and customized according to the alerts you need.

Senstone – Wearable Voice Recorder

Whenever an idea clicks and you want to note it down, Senstone makes it easier. No more finding a notepad or opening your mobile phone amidst a crowd. Senstone wearable voice recorder lets you record voice memos on the go. It can be translated and even organized into an app. They are designed as a necklace or a bracelet. So, if you are in a meeting or social gathering, you can record it without worrying about being impolite.

Cuff – Designed for Safety and Emergency

Cuff Smart necklaces and bracelets let you send alert signals to your friends for help during emergencies. If you are stuck somewhere, press the Cuff for 2-3 seconds, and the group of people you have chosen will be alerted. They can find your location through GPS and match up to ensure your safety.

Bellabeat Leaf – For Monitoring Sleep and Stress

Bellabeat Leaf Urban can monitor the wearer’s breathing levels, and the integrated app will tell how you can be prepared for the day. Women can track their menstrual cycles and notify the ovulation periods. Furthermore, they offer a step count and sleep monitoring.

Wrapping it up

Thus, the wearable devices app development is gaining speed as more and more profound applications come up. When used properly, they can make a big difference in the future.

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