Beacons require no physical presence, work for you 24-7-365, and don’t actually require home buyers to stop at the curb in front of the home; they can just enter the house by having all data on the palm

The oldest adage in real estate sales-“location, location, location” – is on the verge to become the newest cliché in real estate marketing. In this competitive market, there are numerous ways to market real estate businesses such as radio ads, flyers, billboards, TV ads and much more. However, most of the ways fail in reaching out the target audience at the right place and right time. Shouldn’t there be a technological solution to address this concern more efficiently?

Here Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology can do wonders; Beacons are the small sensors which can be deployed at particular location to send personalized location-based information to the user’s mobile device. Notifications can be setup in such a way that they are sent out only when the client is in proximity to the particular object which is to be sold. When it comes to real-estate, BLE technology is the best way to navigate in the large houses and is helpful when broker has multiple visitors touring the property and moving around the property in different locations. Additionally, it is boon for the customers as it enhances customer’s house hunting experience by notifying about the houses that are on sale in the vicinity, sends specification about the house that they are sending in front of and engaging them with 360 degree view videos of the house and more.

The concept of beacon is that they are proactive and initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requiring the buyer to perform an action first. The realtor has entire control of what content is to be displayed by BLE device through the back-end system.

Benefits of BLE Technology in real-estate are as follows:-

Notify the client when they are in the vicinity: Deploying beacons in the house or somewhere nearer on the road, it triggers notification directly to the potential client who has Bluetooth enabled smart phone. They can open up notification to find more information regarding the property and also can schedule the tour directly from information page. It is helpful as realtors can know when homebuyer is entering or exiting your community and serve up welcome messages and other customized content to that prospect’s mobile phone or tablet.

Provides every bit of information on their phone: No need to worry about taking print outs and sheets of property information and asking clients to go-through the papers during home-tours. With beacons deployed in the home, it can deliver every bit of home information in vibrant color directly to your smart phone while taking the home tours. When they arrive at the property, a notification is sent to the client’s screen; when they open up, they land on the custom page for the house, they are looking for and this enables them to go through the property data and photos.

‘Home for sale’ signs: Your home for sale sign can be more efficient to engage the clients when beacons are deployed in that yard signs. A yard sign recognizes the potential client nearby and instantly triggers the property details like floor space, material used in flooring and much more. Home-buyers can also set up real-time alerts for the new listings. The real-estate owner can also provide the information about the other properties nearby as per the user preferences.

Win-Win approach: The beacons deployed near entrance can recognize your relevant real estate mobile app and accordingly ask the clients to register via app. This provides win-win approach for both buyers and sellers; as a seller, you will be aware of all the buyers visiting at your property and as a buyer, they would have enhanced user-experience through brochures in the phone and welcome messages sent when checked-in. If you have hired agents for each of your property, they can be informed when there is a visitor on-site and this helps to set the strategies for the next step.

Open house event: Beacons deployed during the open house event helps to promote the brand awareness for realtor and their agency also helps to know the number of footfalls, types of the properties they are interested in, customer’s preferences and much more. When the visitors arrive, they get notifications as they arrive, creating more personalized open house experience leaving tech-savvy kind of impression in the mind of visitors. Having beacons in their kiosks can help to send out information to the people attending the event.

To build successful campaigns, here are the three quick hacks that will impact your sales in real-estate marketing

  • Embedded virtual tour video in notification card: Most of the buyers look for the address on the web and it would not appeal them to visit that particular place, if they don’t find it visually impressive. This puts the pressure on the realtors to provide the best visual presence and engage their customers in tech-savvy market. BLE device sends notification, but to make that notification engaging enough; it is always recommended to embed virtual tour video to appeal the visitors.
  • One-tap call: Call to action being one of the most important things to convert the visitors, it is often missing in your app or not utilized at its best. With BLE technology, customers will receive the notification on the mobile devices so it is always recommended to use the phone properties to make the CTA more powerful. This becomes convenient for the buyers to directly connect with the realtors by tapping on phone number; precisely click to call.
  • Social proof to market: By deploying beacons, you can come to know which social media channel is the most preferred one for your visitors. Accordingly you can make the use of social media, so you can leverage your business by making Instagram – Snapchat stories, Facebook check-ins, Whatsapp status, clicking the pictures of visitors to your property and uploading on social platform etc. This creates the sense of urgency in the mind of visitors and also helps them to know surrounding locality.

The bottom line

BLE technology is giving the new curve to the industry verticals be it retail, healthcare, real estate, etc; the location based technology is excellent for real estate industry to increase the sales by providing updated information to the customers in the palm of their hands. If you are unsure, how the things work in real-estate marketing with BLE technology, connect with the beacon mobile app development company to get the high traction.

BLE Mobile Apps is one of the bluetooth mobile apps development company serving clientele all over the globe to provide rich and engaging customer experience. Having years of experience in developing BLE project, we strive to fetch precise data, delivering jaw-breaking customer experiences, generating higher ROI.

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