Proximity marketing with beacons, as the name suggests, is also known as location-based marketing. It is a wireless channel used to spread or circulate advertising content within particular proximity. iBeacons are cost-effective, low-powered transmitters with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. These transmit signals to the apps installed on your phone and messages are received when you come into the range. Professionals providing iBeacon app development services can help you use this technology to your advantage.

Proximity marketing is considered to be one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to distribute marketing promotional content.

Besides establishing a relationship, proximity marketing with iBeacons also helps to improve the in-store experience of customers. Its targets are usually close-by people who might be potential customers. You get exposure to innovative marketing opportunities using proximity marketing campaigns with iBeacons.

How iBeacons can be used by SMEs for proximity marketing campaigns!

The best method to promote proximity marketing campaigns with iBeacons is to purchase the hardware and configure it. You might need a dedicated resource for this task. There are certain steps to be followed.

  • Choose The Right iBeacon

It is very important that you choose the right beacon for your business. Also, get it tested before you make the purchase. Beacons usually communicate through two protocols, and make sure yours is compatible with both. It gives your beacon access to more than one use-case.

Beacon is easy to deploy. You can either stick it to the wall or use screws. Beacons do not need any configuration. These systems are ready to use, water-proof, dust-proof, and temperature-resistant. Moreover, they do not have any security threats.

  • Manage Beacons

It is easy to manage beacons. Battery indications help you keep a check for replacements. Also, you can set your advertising interval time and the transmission range as per your requirements. Using the app, these can be modified as and when required.

  • Use The Features Of The Platform

Beacons work on a cloud-based platform. This gives you easy access to run the campaigns remotely. Various options are available and you can choose the best campaign for your business. The intuitive platform comes with a wide range of features for you to work easily and efficiently. These are easy navigation, scheduling campaigns as per your requirements, setting up multiple-campaigns using one beacon, and defining regulations for your specific purposes. QR code options are also printed on the cards for easy access to promotions and payments.

  • Monitor Campaign Performance

Beacons provide powerful analytics. The dashboard can be integrated with your Google account and you can use the analytics tool effectively. You can extract customized reports and also export the data. This will help you study the performance of your campaigns for future references.

What are the different ways that SMEs can use iBeacons for!

Use SME for Proximity Marketing
iBeacons can be used by small businesses for spreading promotional messages as well, increasing customer reach. For restaurants, customers can order food using the app when waiting outside. You can also promote offers and deals using the QR codes.

  • Contextual Marketing Content

SMEs, today, are trying to enhance their customer experience. iBeacon can be strategically utilized to provide contextual or proximity marketing content to them. Discount coupons and exclusive offer notifications can be sent out in real-time on the phones using this platform. It increases the probability of customers buying that offer.

  • Loyalty Programs

Beacon can customize notifications and send them to the people who frequently visit your store or use your business. They can redeem the accumulated loyalty points with more offers to choose from. This would enhance the retention rate of customers. Today, instead of the typical loyalty cards, details over the phone is a more convenient option. With iBeacons, a digital loyalty program is an easy option for both SMEs and customers.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Online customer reviews and comments are very important. Most of the shoppers read the reviews before making a purchase. iBeacon prompts customers to leave ratings and reviews in a much more convenient way. Now, they can rate their experiences and write about their reviews using the app directly from the phone.

  • Enhance Customer Experience

There might be customers who do not like the product or service you offer. Collecting feedback from them is always a good idea. This helps you enhance or customize the services or products based on various and more of such reviews. A survey form circulated through iBeacons could also probably give you a lot of information about what customers think about you and what is that they want. Strategically working on this can help you understand their purchase behaviour, ultimately, giving you new ideas and opportunities to increase your business.

  • Faster Checkouts

Beacon app provides a choice to the customers to pay directly through a link instead of standing in the queue. iBeacons near the cash counters can send such links to the customers standing in the queue. There is no other faster and easier way to checkout than this one.

  • Free Home Deliveries

Retails stores allow customers to add products to their cart using iBeacon app. The latter can choose the free delivery option.

What are the different types of applications or uses of iBeacon technology!

iBeacon technology
iBeacon can be used by different segments. Some of them are:

  • Retail
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutes
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Real Estates
  • Digital Advertising Agencies

Other applications are:

  • Resources Tracking Apps

Location-based resource tracking iBeacon apps are developed. These can be used by hospitals, schools, retail stores, transport industries, etc. to track real-time locations.

  • Way-Finding Apps

Basically, the way-finding apps are used for indoor navigation. You can find your way to different sections using this iBeacon app.

  • Interactive Tour

This iBeacon app can be used at museums, art galleries, zoos, etc. where people wish to get some information.

  • Educational Apps

Like many other segments, the educational domain is also experiencing the transformation that iBeacon technology has brought in for them. Now, data and other information can be shared easily with parents and students using the app.

  • Automation Apps

The world is of automatic devices. iBeacon technology uses its technology to enhance your experience even more. Now, you can look/unlock your doors, switch on/off the lights, or open/close window shutters using the iBeacon app.

  • Push-Driven Marketing

Real-time push notifications about products and services can be sent by retailers using iBeacon app. This information can also include promotional content and discount coupons.

Another important aspect of iBeacon is that it does not collect any personal information. Therefore, you shouldn’t be skeptical about using it or have any privacy concerns. The iBeacon technology is building up its grip in the market.

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