Having an efficient, uncomplicated, and streamlined asset tracking system has been a significant reason for concern for several businesses these days. With rising competition and market demand, errors only increase with manual or traditional tracking methodologies.

Bluetooth Beacon App asset tracking offers a healthy and reliable solution for various industries. It eliminates the complexities in handling assets and also is an economical solution. We offer a Bluetooth beacon tracking app for easy asset tracking and management on a cloud-based platform. It ensures real-time asset tracking by using a beacon app designed for both Android and iOS platforms.

Characteristics of BLE Beacon Asset Tracking

1. Less expensive, more ROI

You can implement the BLE Beacon asset tracking at a low cost, and it is cost-effective. By installing more BLE beacons on your indoor premises, you will receive more accurate information. Cumulatively by the year-end, it will give you a significantly high return on investment. Tracking your assets and devices will be more accurately done. BLE beacon asset tracking works well for both indoor as well as outdoor environments.

2. Versatile Tags

BLE Beacons and tags become easier while integrating with current systems and networks. It can save you much cost and time. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) works on LED lighting power and the user’s smartphones and devices and does not need any extra infrastructure. BLE Beacons offer real-time Geo-locations, and so they are versatile at any environment positioning like in-store or outdoor beacon warehouse asset tracking.

3. Least Power Consumption

BLE Beacons consume low energy or power, which is another cost-saving feature as it saves power and offers a low-cost location system. You can use standard batteries to make BLE beacons and tags to function. Their battery life can be extended to years, and batteries can be changed whenever they run out.

4. Improved Security

BLE signals are transmitted through cellular networks. The whole lot of messages sent from BLE Beacon pass through a cellular network inside a central gateway. It increases overall data security. Even though it is a little time-consuming process, it is not that detectable, and it is capable of providing real-time information.

5. Higher Coverage Range

BLE Beacons offers a far better coverage range to scan the assets when compared to previous methods. You will require very little hardware with the implementation of a high and long-drawn-out coverage range. It effectively reduces errors and other expenses.

6. Greater Broadcasting Capacity

High broadcasting capacity is the most remarkable feature of BLE asset tracking. The BLE technique has the capacity to send 800% more broadcast messages. BLE Beacon can transmit the data at the rate of 200 Kbps in generally 3ms, all while exhausting significantly less power, i.e., >15mA.

7. Fast Speed of Data Transfer

The speed at which the BLE Beacon can deliver the data is faster, that it can even be up to twice the speed of other methods. Thus, this level of speedy data transfer and quicker updates provides less trouble for the handling managers.

8. Simplified Asset Movement tracking

Using a Bluetooth beacon tracking app, the allocation of assets to users, various departments, or multiple locations can be performed easily. You can do it by employing a simple Check-In or check-Out process. The asset status can be changed according to the present status like In Use, In Stock, or any other custom set status while shifting assets. You can set automatic email reminders for the asset return time limit. Sign-off sheets can be auto-generated on every asset movement. Beacon app ensures the accountability of assets by always capturing the earlier and current asset users.

9. Aggregate your asset details in one place

Beacon app can help categorize all your assets depending upon their location and category. Classification of assets can be done assets based on the current asset status, condition of the asset, asset ownership, addition of images, or any other specific custom classification criteria pertaining to financial data and purchase prices as required.

10. Dispose of your assets with clarity

Knowing which products to keep and to discard can sometimes go wrong. With the Beacon app, you can now dispose of assets and mark them as lost, sold, retired, or your preferred custom status. You can create sales invoices or asset disposal sheets by filling in the scrap prices and vendor particulars. Automatic reminders can be sent when the asset has to be returned. All the information about your assets can be kept in one place, even if they are retired assets. Also, there are options to restore your discarded assets to your asset list.

Wrapping it up

Setting up Beacon tracking technology is like a breeze, easy to implement, and requires no expensive wiring or installation. Now, tracking both users and assets can be performed without the need for additional hardware. You can set it up in your smart device concerning the platform, beacon app android, and beacon app iOS.

You might want to consider the type of environment and the equipment that needs to be tracked before choosing the type of BLE beacon technology that would best suit your need. Also, take into account the type of work that is being done and how often the location data has to be updated.

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