Eddystone beacon app is evident of attracting the attention of Bluetooth device users in a specific location. This beacon app is also drawing the attention of various businesses and IoT developers.

Eddystone is Google’s Bluetooth Low Energy beacon released in July 2015, formerly known as Uribeacon. It is an excellent solution for proximity challenges that businesses face like location mapping. It is simple, telemetry, unidirectional, and easy to implement. Eddystone beacon app has become the most sought out BLE technology application for all IoT developers, and let’s delve into here’s why.

1. Compatibility: It goes along well with both Android and iOS platforms. Eddystone beacon Android app and iBeacon app for iOS. It is cross-platform functional too and so it works well with any Bluetooth supportive platform. It is open-source and its specifications are available for free in Github Apache v2.0 which makes it easier for developers to gain access.

2. Broadcasted Packets: there are three different types of frames that support different message types. The UID or unique ID or Eddystone ID is generated for every packet of information that is broadcasted. The Eddystone URL address does not require any additional installations and directly opens in your web browser. Also, it aids to push location-specific application installations. The Eddystone TLM or the Eddystone telemetry sends sensor data. This is advantageous for the companies that need to manage huge quantity of beacons.

3. API Support: Since Google has launched two supporting APIs – the Nearby API and Proximity Beacon API, Eddystone beacon can give you that added advantage. In addition to that, the beacon fleet management becomes even more comfortable to handle.

4. Safety and Privacy protection: Eddystone has ephemeral identifiers EIDs which are a built-in feature. This EID changes continuously and sends out a broadcast signal that is identifiable by ‘authorized clients’ only. Thus it offers better security for mobile application and Data theft is avoided.

5. Very Economical: Even though the development and maintenance cost of Eddystone applications are high. But there are ways that they can bring down your entire cost. They are open source and promote content freely in your chrome browser. With physical web support, it solves many of today’s problems with location spotting. In simple terms,’ near me’ searches can be answered. Hence it finds its application in almost all the businesses like shops, schools, museums, theatres and other places that are accessed by public. Also, since it functions on Bluetooth low energy, it doesn’t need frequent battery changes as they can withstand for 2-3 years.

6. Simple to use: Eddystone is simple to implement and it is readily available to use. There is no need to wait for the technology as it is present currently. It does not need much technical assistance.

7. Manage content easily: You can manage content and also reuse them at various instances. This you can do with web URLs that directly connect the user to the respective site. Managing and editing content is also straightforward, and you can also integrate with your social media content.

8. Apt for one-time events: Organizations host events quite often, and they necessarily don’t have to be regularly. Developing applications for a music festival, tech conferences, and awareness events would be necessary. Although these applications would be useful, its usage would be for a shorter span only. Eddystone is best suited for such one-time events. They are cost-effective, and you can engage better with your potential audience.

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