Asset tracking is a crucial factor in determining the performance of any business. It offers a high level of insight into the company’s growth, and it is an essential factor for assessing business operations and workplace management. Many technologies aid the asset tracking process. But why use BLE technology? That’s what we are about to reveal in this blog.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology surpasses other technologies when it comes to tracking data. Beacons transmit Bluetooth signals and collect data. It applies for both Bluetooth low energy android and Bluetooth low energy iOS devices. iOS uses ibeacon application, developed by Apple, which allows iOS smartphones and other devices to receive BLE signals from the iBeacon. By installing the iBeacon app, one can track users when they come within the proximity of the iBeacon transmitters.

How does it work?

BLE beacons are wireless IoT devices that periodically broadcast a signal into its surroundings. Other receiving devices identify this signal by consuming comparatively very less energy. Beacons can function for years with coin-sized batteries because of BLE technology. Thus for actively tracking assets, beacons the most economical and power-efficient option. The main advantage when compared to RFID is that no expensive RFID readers are required. You can use a smartphone device (or other Bluetooth-enabled devices) as the reader. The typical range for BLE beacons is from 1 to 70 meters, and a long range-beacon can extend up to 450 meters.

We can distinguish asset tracking by distance. QR and barcodes are best for short distance tracking. RFID and Bluetooth are active and easy to read from a longer distance. A user passing through the beacon equipped area, indoor or outdoor, with the positive tag, gets identified by the beacon signals.

Some of the use cases of BLE technology are:

1. Proximity marketing – Business focus on smart proximity marketing by feeding only relevant content to its customers at the right time. They are keen on providing more personalized campaigns like greeting them at entry, notifying special offers, product discounts, or getting feedback.

Walmart, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Amazon Go many other stores use BLE Beacons to drive more sales. Beacons were installed in the specific location, say, storefront. It sends BLE signals that are detected by the smartphones. The smartphone sends an ID; the server checks the data for that particular Id and sends the data to the smartphone.

2. Hyperlocal marketing – targets prospective customers near to the business location like residential ara, work area, or nearby stores. In simple terms, it is those customers who do a ‘near me’ search.

3. Indoor navigation – GPS is a great outdoor solution but not that good indoors. BLE can work both ways and is an intelligent solution for multi-story malls, shopping complexes, museums, and event arenas.

BLE technology for Asset Tracking:

Asset tracking optimizes overall performance, eliminates time wastage, and saves your budget from unnecessary workforce allocated to do the job. You can redeploy the resource to a more productive job responsibility.

You can track everything and access the information from anywhere and at any time.

  • Warehouses: Automatic inventory of assets
  • Indoor positioning: Tracking asset location and proximity automatically
  • Real-time tracking of moving assets

You can track and manage more than manual tracking lets you do with BLE technology. Some of the benefits are:

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Better accountability and cost savings
  • Improved customer service
  • Expansion plans for future development
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy

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